Tim Munkeby taught high school English, literature and creative writing for 13 years before becoming a financial advisor and founder of Munkeby Financial, Inc. After retiring in 2008, Tim wrote the book “If I Had a Million Dollars: How to Achieve Financial Independence Before Your Parents Do” and he’s had numerous articles published in various periodicals. Back to the Island is his first attempt at fiction. Check out www.timmunkeby.com for more info.

Wall Street “Beach”

From a Tropical Island: The Great Recession Explained Through Fiction

June 2015

Editor’s Note: The Reporters Inc. presents an exclusive excerpt from a great new work by author Tim Munkeby. Back to the Island is a fictional tale woven around the real-life issue of unscrupulous developers and financiers. But first, Tim explains how the book came to be:

I was starting work on a fictional short story that, I hoped, would also describe my real-life opposition to a proposed real estate development on the quaint Elbow Cay in the outer Abacos Islands of the Bahamas. I was certain it would destroy the quiet beauty of island life.

I picked up a Bahamian newspaper reporting how the greed of Wall Street had destroyed much of the economy of the Bahamas. Having been in the investment business, I was acutely aware of the questionable ethics and even legality of the transgressions Wall Street firms were getting away with.

I was appalled, even outraged, at our system in the U.S. that allowed the outlandish greed of a handful of financiers to not only destroy the lives–and dreams (maybe worse)–of citizens of the U. S. by helping cause the Great Recession, but that a small island nation was also so drastically affected. It hit me how far-reaching and global the fallout was.

What’s even more unbelievable is that since writing this short story—which eventually turned into a novel–things have gotten worse, not better. Fewer firms (a misnomer) now control even more assets, portending another potential economic disaster where, once again, a few people will walk away with millions and millions of our money pilfered and tucked away in their foreign bank accounts. (more…)

One Man’s Encounter:

Police Take Hong Kong's Pro-Democracy Crackdown to New Levels

June 2015


I was walking down the street toward a train station on a recent day this spring when, about a hundred feet from the station, I heard what sounded like the clatter of boots on the pavement approaching from behind. Before I turned, a police officer appeared at my side. She was accompanied by four male colleagues. She asked me for my ID.

“Why?” I replied.

“Under the Hong Kong immigration ordinance,” she said.

“What about it?” I asked.

“We have the right to request your ID under the immigration ordinance.”

“Do you suspect me of a crime, or do you think I have been acting suspiciously?”

“No, we just want to see your ID.”

“Do you suspect me of having broken the immigration ordinance or of being in Hong Kong illegally?” (more…)