Cleveland’s Ricky Jackson, exonerated in 2014. He served 39 years in prison–on Death Row–for a murder he did not commit.

An Update:
The Innocent Convicts

Crowdfunding & Grant Propel Production Forward

November 2015


The Reporters Inc. is moving full steam ahead with the production of our wrongful convictions documentary, The Innocent Convicts.

In early October, we wrapped up a month-long crowdfunding campaign via IndieGogo and raised $11,200. After IndieGogo’s fees were subtracted, we ended with about $10,300 in our coffers. Then, in late October, the Minnesota Bar Association Foundation awarded The Reporters Inc. a grant, earmarked specifically for The Innocent Convicts.

And today, November 12th, is “Give to the Max Day,”’s annual push to help nonprofits raise money for their causes. If you’re interested or able to donate, please check out our page at

If you missed any of the three trailers we’ve produced for the documentary, you can find them here:

The Innocent Convicts: Trailer #1

The Innocent Convicts: Trailer #2

The Innocent Convicts: Trailer #3

All three of these trailers focus on the heartbreaking case of Tim Cole, who died in prison after being falsely accused of raping a fellow Texas Tech University student. In December, we return to Texas to conduct additional interviews for this portion of the production. We’ll be sitting down and talking with Tim’s family, the rape victim, the man who actually committed the crime, police officers, prosecutors and judges involved in the case, and others.

At the same time, the documentary aims to include cases throughout the United States, and we’re in the process of determining which additional stories (more…)

A newspaper headline from 1995, when six Green Bay, Wisconsin men were convicted of killing a fellow paper mill worker.

Joan Treppa is a married mother who resides in Blaine, Minnesota. As a citizen advocate devoted to fighting wrongful convictions, Joan focuses her efforts by helping family members of the wrongfully accused deal with the devastating effects and aftermath of a wrongful conviction. Joan is currently writing a book about her experiences.

How I Became a Citizen Advocate

Wrongful Conviction of Six Wisconsin Men Captured My Attention, Changed My life

November 2015


Six years ago, my life was perfect–and by perfect I mean that it had a suitable balance of life’s ups and downs, moving along at a slow and steady pace towards whatever the future had in store.

But as satisfying as my life was back then, it was much too predictable for a spirited soul like mine, and it was only a matter of time before all hell would break loose.

Sure enough, that happened in the summer of 2009 when I met researcher and writer John Gaie and he opened my eyes to an intriguing social justice cause. John co-authored a book entitled The Monfils Conspiracy: The Conviction of Six Innocent Men.

I found myself irresistibly fascinated with his true crime story, a book that profiled the 1992 death of a paper mill worker, Tom Monfils, and the subsequent wrongful convictions of six of Tom’s co-workers in 1995. John’s former brother-in-law (more…)