Melissa Suran is a journalist and media researcher who recently earned her doctorate at The University of Texas at Austin. Suran has published peer-reviewed research in journals ranging from the American Journal of Infection Control to Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly. Her work has also appeared in four books and several publications, including the Chicago Sun-Times, Crain’s Chicago Business, EMBO reports, Kaiser Health News and Moment Magazine.

A Casket in Cargo

Grasping Heartbreak of War During Flight Home with Fallen Veteran

February 2017


I never met him. I don’t even know his name. Or who his family or friends are. But I know who he was.

I was on my final flight home to Chicago from Austin, Texas, where I‘d lived off and on for the past five years. He was on that same flight. The plane was running late because of storms up north, but the departure time couldn’t seem to make up its mind. Originally, our flight was supposed to take off at 5:05 p.m. We finally took off about an hour later. Naturally, most of the passengers (myself included) were disgruntled, hot and tired. It was around 100 degrees on this sweltering Texas day. So we boarded, and I thought nothing of it. Just the usual, snarky, how typical of the airline industry.

As I entered the cabin, I noticed two Marines in the front row. Having lived in Texas, the state with the second largest population of military personnel, I’ve seen many people in uniform. Because I was flying on Southwest (more…)

U.S. President Donald Trump is already making an impression in virtually every country around the world.


Voices around Globe Reflect on Trump Presidency

February 2017

The Reporters Inc.’s staff, Board of Directors and Advisory Committee Members reached out to friends and associates–living in different countries around the world–for their reactions, hopes and concerns about Donald Trump’s ascendency to President of the United States.

We’ve compiled the responses of 14 “everyday” people from 13 different countries on four continents. Though by no means a scientific sampling, this wide array of thoughts and opinions provides a fascinating glimpse into the minds and hearts of people across the planet who are anxiously waiting to see what a Trump administration will do, the ways it will change the U.S., and how it will impact and affect their own lives — and the world in general. (Due to safety or privacy concerns, some have asked us not to reveal their full identities.)


From Lund, Sweden: Monica Libell, a married mother of two, a college professor of Intellectual History, and the Department Head for Arts and Cultural Sciences within the Faculties of Humanities and Theology at Lund University

As long as Trump was a candidate, people laughed; when he was elected people were baffled, then seriously concerned. Swedes fear a Trump presidency will bring poorer trade conditions and isolationistic tendencies, and that it may impact the security in our world. Pax Americana (a term used to describe the relative peace in the Western Hemisphere, and later the world, because of (more…)