Reform Battle Brewing

Mexicans and Muslims Among many Worrying About Impending Immigration Law Changes

November 2016


It was an historic moment for Milwaukee, Wisconsin immigration attorney Elizabeth Murrar last Tuesday, or so she thought. She was about to vote, for the first time, for a woman as president. And her four-year old son Jaime was at her side to help.

“He understood ‘we’ were voting for the next President,” Murrar explains. “And we were both excited.”

Then the world changed.

From day one of his campaign, Donald Trump found the ultimate political piñata by targeting immigrants. Every immigrant must be illegal. Every immigrant was a drug dealer or a criminal. Every immigrant was going to steal your job. The president-elect successfully demonized millions of people a soundbite at a time. Even those trying to do the right thing.

In the last four years 700,000 young immigrants came forward to register with the government through DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program. In exchange for their registration, and if they could pass a security check, the government agreed to not deport them or use their information to target any other family members living at the same address.

“I’m scared the Trump administration will use the DACA files to go after thousands of young people who followed the law and came in from the shadows,” says Murrar. “Any promise of protection was from the Obama administration (more…)

Sara Amick brings her three children to visit their father, Michael Amick, in prison. She has never wavered in her belief that her husband is innocent.

The five women and seven men selected to sit on the jury for Michael Amick’s retrial were told by his defense attorney that Michael had been wrongfully convicted of murder during his first trial.

When Evil Takes Over

Ongoing Murder Prosecution Against Missouri Man Ignores Facts, Lacks Evidence

November 2016

Editor’s Note: As The Reporters Inc. continues production of its upcoming documentary about wrongful convictionsThe Innocent Convicts, we also occasionally publish in-depth accounts of other cases around the nation. On November 28, 2016 the retrial of a Missouri man, Michael Amick, began. Michael’s supporters, including the author of this article, contend he was wrongfully convicted the first time around, for a murder he did not commit. The Reporters Inc. reached out to both the Oregon County, Missouri Sheriffs Department (the law enforcement agency that investigated the crime) and the Missouri Attorney General’s Office (the criminal justice agency prosecuting Amick) for comment. The latter has responded with this statement: “It is the policy of this office not to comment on pending litigation.”



Evil has free reign to destroy everything in its path. It feels no pain or sorrow. In this story, evil rears its head as anger-fueled revenge, determined to destroy anyone that gets in its way. It’s subtle at first, but gains confidence over time as its pungent stench penetrates the very air we all breathe. Even good people become accustomed to the stench, turn their heads, and pretend (more…)