Kim Whiting, MA, MBA, is a psychotherapist, organizational consultant and author (Life Sentence, Life Purpose: A Memoir). She publishes in collaboration with prisoners; t’s dedicated to opening eyes and minds, and inspiring ideas for social and prison reform. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband and two children.

Molested & Raped:

Why Survivors Like Me Must Heal Through Forgiveness & Compassion

June 2016


For the first half of my life I was such a trauma and pervert magnet that by the age of eight I had already labeled myself a freak. I was the one common denominator in a seemingly endless stream of situations with sexual miscreants.

But the sexual abuse I suffered as a child, and endured all the way through college, taught me that the way in which we respond to and address the feelings and actions that stem from these wounds are crucial to recovery.

I’ve never written extensively about this abuse, not to the extent I’m about to share. But I’ve decided to do so now, to reveal not only the prevalence of these types of occurrences, but to offer up the true power of understanding, compassion, forgiveness –and love.

Understanding leads to compassion. Compassion leads to forgiveness. Forgiveness leads to love. Love leads to healing — and a fuller, happier life.

But yes, it can be a very long and difficult road to get there. (more…)

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Lynn Moller is a native of Green Bay, Wisconsin and a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Stout where she earned her Bachelor of Science degrees in child development and early childhood education. She relocated to Madison, Wisconsin where she worked as a teacher in day care, preschool, and kindergarten settings for 25 years. Due to the events described in her Reporters Inc. article, Lynn no longer works with children; she returned to school to earn a paralegal certificate, and currently works for an insurance company. Lynn continues to reside in Madison with her husband and two sons.

What Katelyn Saw

When A Child Claimed to See Abuse at My Day Care, My Life Was Nearly Destroyed

June 2016

Editor’s Note: In March 2010, 49-year-old Lynn Moller, a day care provider in Madison, Wisconsin, was found guilty of three counts of child abuse involving two children in her care. Moller had run her day care without incident for 16 years when the allegations first surfaced; she has never wavered in her claims of innocence despite losing every appeal.

As The Reporters Inc. continues production of its upcoming documentary about wrongful convictions, The Innocent Convicts, we’ll also be featuring the online insights of others who’ve faced similar ordeals. In this fascinating first-person account, Moller takes us step by step through a multi-year nightmare that turned her world upside down.

Police and prosecutors still maintain she’s guilty, but for the first time Lynn is telling her side of the story in hopes that people will come to understand that, sometimes, the truth doesn’t always prevail in our criminal justice system.


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“I do not think that you can get a fair child abuse trial before a jury anywhere in the (more…)