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That’s so Soviet!

Authoritarian-style Governance Becoming the American Way?

October 2017


“We don’t need more teachers in this country, what we need are more ditch diggers!”

Trying to guess who said that? An American politician? A conservative talk show host?

No blame to you for thinking either of those possibilities. With the public bashing of teachers over the last few years, union busting, and fewer classes for art, music or any kind of critical thinking, the above sentiment—ruling class vs. worker drones—definitely feels familiar.

Yet the quote is actually a 1999 statement attributed to Sara Alpysqyzy Nazarbayev, the wife of Nursultan Nazarbayev, the then-and-still president of the Central Asian nation Kazakhstan. (He was also the former top Soviet boss there before Kazakhstan officially declared its independence in 1991.)


The election seems to have divided the nation into two factions: those who watch FOX and support Trump...and those who most definitely do not.

Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States…but for how long?

One Year After the Election:

An Email Exchange Dissects The Trump Presidency

November 2017

Editor’s Note: In an era when social media drives news and information consumption, our Facebook and Twitter feeds are constantly filled with sharp but short commentary about the state of the nation, now that Donald Trump is occupying the White House.

Absorbing the many opinions, critiques, concerns and controversies surrounding Trump can be hard to follow sometimes, especially given the large amount of reaction and outrage his administration seems to generate on any given day. There’s a randomness and a temporal sense in these online debates, as the comments and commentators get quickly and easily whisked away by the next post, meme, gif, photo or article link. Thoughtfulness, perspective and context are sometimes lost in the exchange of ideas. (more…)